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Teas that Calm Stress and Anxiety

Discover what the science says about teas and how certain tea herbs can promote a sense of calm. Did you know that some teas can contribute to anxiety (i.e., caffeinated teas like black tea and green tea) while other teas relieve anxiety? If you’re feeling stressed an easy was to feel a bit more calm can be through


How to Stop Overthinking Everything

Learn all about overthinking, why it is unhelpful, and how to stop. Has anyone ever told you, “you’re overthinking it”? Then you’re not alone. Many of us arefamiliar with the experience of overthinking. Generally, “overthinking” refers to the process of repetitive, unproductive thought. Since thoughts can be focused on many different things, research has generally


How to Stop Ruminative Thoughts

Learn more about rumination and tips to help you overcome obsessive thinking. Rumination is often defined as a repetitive thought cycle focusing on causes, consequences, and symptoms of one’s current negative state. For example, experiencing an embarrassing incident is an unpleasant experience, and if that isn’t bad enough, we often keep thinking (or ruminating) about


Science-Based Ways to Feel Calmer

Learn what calmness is and ways that you can simply and effectively achieve calmness in your life.In a recent study, researchers spoke with 103 people who had received treatment or support for depression and analyzed their responses for keywords describing feelings of calmness (Weiss et al., 2021). Notably, of the 29 words identified as being


A Science-Based Guide to Stress Relief

How do we control, reduce, cope with, and relieve stress? Here are some tips. Stressful experiences activate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. We may at first feel energized because the HPA axis stimulates the production of cortisol and other energizing hormones—it gives us the energy we need to get away from the stressor (which used to be things like predators).


15 Activities You Can Do Everyday to Relieve Stress

Learn about stress relief as an integral part of psychological well-being. Discover different stress-relieving activities and tools. Stress is the result of continuous overwhelming demands on your time and energy which cause mental and emotional strain. This is an issue that plagues most people in the modern-day world. Trying to keep up with your family, friends, career, health,


5 Ways to Reduce Tension in Your Life

Learn more about tension and the role of stress in our experience of tension. Tension, as it relates to our psychological experiences, can be defined as a state that is associated with conflict, dissonance, instability, or uncertainty. Psychological tension also creates a desire for resolution and feelings of expectation, anticipation, or prediction concerning future events that are potentially emotionally


5 Ways to Calm the Mind

Discover science-based tips and strategies to help you create a more peaceful mind. Peace of mind is a mental state of calmness or tranquility. It may also include freedom from worry and anxiety. When our minds are buzzing with thoughts, it can be intense and overwhelming. We just want a calm, relaxed, and content mind. A lot of


5 Calming Smartphone Apps for Better Mental Health

Learn about the benefits of popular relaxation apps for anxiety reduction, better sleep, and overall well-being. Taking care of your mental health can take many forms – seeing a therapist, practicing your hobbies, and nourishing friendships are all good for your mental health. Similarly, taking steps to increase your calmness and decrease feelings of worry, fear, stress, and