Explore & Rewrite Your Story

Free Yourself. Embrace Your Power:

This four-day guided exploration of the eight essential areas of your life, lovingly explores and questions the main aspects of who you think you are. It brings to awareness limiting beliefs and perspectives that have held you back, looks at how you created them in the first place, and how you can un-create them.

During the retreat you will:

  • Develop greater self love
  • Separate yourself from your limiting personal beliefs and see yourself in an expanded and empowered way
  • Develop your spiritual awareness and connect with the Essence of Your Being, your true authentic self
  • Understand your life purpose by clarifying and embracing your unique gifts and talents
  • Expand your self-expression
  • Explore what is in your unconscious mind that might be holding you back
  • Experience an environment where you are supported to feel and say anything, and know that it’s all okay
  • Gain clarity on what’s next for you
  • Develop greater and lasting inner peace

The All-Inclusive Retreat Includes:

  • Morning and evening sessions to help clarify where you are in your life and discover a more positive path for your future
  • A follow-up 6 week Heart Path Series program that includes weekly group coaching calls to help you integrate your experience and actualize the positive changes in your life
  • Your personal deck of Impression Cards and the accompanying 104-page book, The Impatient Person’s Guide to Enlightenment,  that will support you in communicating with your subconscious mind and uncover limiting stories and beliefs effortlessly
  • A beautiful full-color, 110 page workbook/journal, The Playbook, where you can clarify where you’ve been and where you’re going, record your insights and inspirations, and allow those insights to become solidified and real
  • 4 days and 5 nights lodging in SINGLE OCCUPANCY ROOMS at Dancing Deer
  • 3 healthy vegetarian meals per day, Monday – Thursday and breakfast on Friday
  • Afternoons free to:
    • Explore the Creativity Room, filled with art and craft supplies to facilitate self-expression and effect change and growth on a personal level
    • Sign up for individual counseling and healing sessions
    • Discover the beautiful 45-acre property

The cost is $795 and includes EVERYTHING listed above.

Take a moment & see what others are saying:

“Heart’s Journey provided me with a transformative Wonder-Full week of WOW moments! It allowed me to expand my personal journey, helping me to define, and refine my spiritual gifts and talents in a safe and secure environment of trust, with the other participants.”

Ann L.Atascadero, CA

“WOW is the word for this retreat! The design of our 5 days together was masterful. I learned to listen to my desires and transform my resistances into a softness of receiving. Great coaching, amazing healthy food, and laughter have filled my soul.”

Norma C.Paso Robles, CA

“I loved everything about this retreat! The company of interesting, loving, and spiritual women, and of course the food. Dancing Deer Retreat Center and the grounds were amazing. Most of all, I loved the content of the Heart Map and the reflective time!”

Linda F.Manilius, NY

“This retreat had the best information – the Playbook and the perfect Impression Cards. It had really well organized time, with learning and sharing. I transformed my life in a few days letting go of the past, my negative thoughts, and my role as a caretaker to one of caring and honoring myself and speaking my truth.”

Diane O.Atascadero, CA