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What Is Humanism?

If you’re into the rational pursuit of love and truth, you just might be a humanist. Humanism is the belief in the capacity of our species to be rational and kind, and in our ability to see ourselves and each other as the infinitely complex and miraculously improbable organisms we all are without anticipation of eternal punishment or


The Four Steps To Self-Forgiveness

Learn about what self-forgiveness means and how to forgive yourself for past mistakes. No human is perfect. In fact, human fallibility is one of the great enduring truths of the universe. So, if we know that mistakes are an inevitable part of life, then why is it so hard to forgive ourselves for them? How do we manage


How to Help Yourself by Helping Others

Learn about the benefits of helping others and ways in which we can contribute to the welfare of our fellow humans. The human desire to help others is deeply rooted in our neurobiology (Hurlemann & Marsh, 2016). In fact, neuroscience research has shown that helping others activates the “reward” area of our brains (Moll et al., 2006). In


How To Be More Selfless

Explore the benefits and importance of selflessness. Learn to be more selfless through examples and reasoning. Taking care of your own needs and well-being is important but considering the needs of others can also be beneficial to you. The consideration of others’ needs and feelings above your own is called being selfless. People who walk through life with


How To Be More Altruistic

What drives people to be good? Learn about altruism, what it is and how to incorporate it into your life. For the most part, we all try to be “good” people. We try to keep in touch with our friends and family and tend to look out for each other in the ways we can. Whether it


How to Be a More Generous Person

Discover examples of generous actions and how to become more generous. Generosity is voluntary, unselfish giving of time, money, attention, or other resources; generous people are especially willing to share their resources with others. Although a generous gift can benefit the giver, it’s mainly intended to benefit the recipient, and there isn’t necessarily any expectation of a return. The


How to Apologize Sincerely

Here’s how to apologize when you are wrong and how not to apologize too much. Social support is a pleasurable and often necessary form of connection in our lives. Nevertheless, from time to time, all of us have conflicts in our relationships that may need to be remedied. In most cases, a good apology can help you and


32 Words of Kindness for the Important People in Your Life

Let’s take a look at some words of kindness we can use to bring more kindness to the people closest to us. We may think that saying something nice and saying something kind are the same thing, but kindness is a bit more multifaceted. Let’s use an example. Maybe you’re at a family party that your cousin hosted.


15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Laughter

Let’s take a look at some fun facts about why we laugh and its benefits. Laughing is an action that can be looked at physiologically, psychologically, and socially.Physiologically, we know that we laugh because our bodies release a physical reaction from our respiratory system that lets out an auditory sound similar to “ha-ha” or “he-he” (Stearns, 1972). Psychologically,