Mental Health


What is Psychological Health?

Find out the different facets of psychological health and the services available to support you. Life’s unique challenges undoubtedly affect us all differently. Maybe you’re going to college and struggling with leaving home for the first time. Perhaps you went through a tough time in life and used alcohol to numb the pain. Or, you dealt with family


What Is Minimizing and How To Stop Doing It

Learn about the underlying theory of minimization, discover its causes, and explore tips to stop it. Why do we minimize something remarkable as if it is not worthy of praise or discussion? In this article, we’ll define minimizing, discuss why we minimize our experiences and events, and explore what we can do to stop minimizing.


Tips On How To Deal with Self-Harm

Learn how to reduce self-harm in yourself and others. Self-harm is the deliberate damaging of one’s own body tissue (Whitlock et al., 2008). It is important to note that when people self-harm, they may or may not want to die because of their actions. Accordingly, care providers and researchers alike often distinguish between what they


How To Understand Mood Disorders

Read on to discover what classifies a mood disorder and understand each of its causes and symptoms. From time to time, we all experience changes in our moods. Let’s say we’ve had a really difficult week at work or are dealing with tension in our social circles. Perhaps it’s thechanging of the seasons. Maybe, it’s nothing


How To Recognize and Handle Burnout

Learn what burnout feels like, what causes it, and some ways you may be able to prevent and recover from burnout. What Is Burnout? Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that comes from stress exposure (Schaufeli & Greenglass, 2001). Generally, the stress that leads to burnout is consistent and ongoing for an extended period.


Are You a Perfectionist?

Discover what perfectionism is and how perfectionism can affect your well-being. Nobody is perfect, and we all know it. But most of us still desire to achieve excellence in certain aspects of our lives. Striving for excellence is a good quality that can lead to success and fulfillment. Yet, everything works best in moderation, including perfectionism.


7 Signs You Are Hypervigilant

Learn what hypervigilance can look like, some causes of it, and potential ways to overcome it. Being attentive to your surroundings and aware of your environment is a good thing – knowing what’s around you keeps you safe. Being alert as you walk home after dark may help you avoid danger. Being wary of undercooked or unhygienic food


5 Ways To Overcome Pessimism

Explore pessimism and find out how to overcome it. We all experience life in unique ways as we pass every word and event through our minds’ filters. When we sift everything through the filter of pessimism, we absorb some information —mainly the negative things—while ignoring the other information, which makes us see mostly the dark side of things.


4 Tips on How to Deal With Energy Vampires

Explore the signs and traits of draining individuals and how to better deal with them. Contrary to what the name might suggest, energy vampires are not literally akin to the likes of Dracula, Edward Cullen, or the Salvatore Brothers. They weren’t born from a Bram Stoker novel, nor does their skin sparkle in the sun, and