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What Is Self-Determination?

Read on to learn about what self-determination is and how to develop it. Why do you do the things you do? Why did you brush your teeth this morning, go to work, or click on this article? And is it possible to change the way you behave?As we will learn below, motivation underlies all of our behavior.


Tips to Boost Self-Efficacy

Discover the theory behind self-efficacy and find out how you can boost it. How do you feel when you face a challenging situation? Do you feel confident and believe you have whatever it takes to succeed, or do you doubt your ability to tackle the task ahead of you? The answer you give reflects your self-efficacy about the


Science-Based Tips To Manifest Your Dreams

Learn quick, easy, effective ways to reach your dreams. When most people think of manifestation they are thinking about the mental processes—for example, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs—that help us create the reality that we desire. The good news is that scientific research has shown lots of effective ways we can manifest what we want. The bad news is


How To Use the 80-20 Rule To Improve Your Life

Find out what the 80-20 rule means and how you can use it to increase your productivity. Most of us have been told that the key to success is hard work, may it be in our education,careers, or relationships. But have you ever wondered why you sometimes get mediocre results despite putting so much of your time


How to Develop Your Self-Regulation Skills

Here’s everything you need to know about regulating yourself and controlling your behavior. Do you ever wonder why we humans act differently than each other? Why do some people indulge in sweet treats when they’re on a diet while others seem to manage not eating junk food on a diet? Well, it all comes down to self-regulation—or how


How To Create an Action Plan

Learn what an action plan is and how to write one. Planning a wedding, applying to college, hosting a dinner party, or launching a new product. These are complicated and multifaceted activities. Successfully planning and then pulling off goals like these may require that you complete many different subtasks. All of these subtasks may have


How To Be More Self-Motivated

Learn what self-motivation is and how to boost your motivation. Are you having a hard time getting motivated? Are you curious about what leads to greater self-motivation or how you can boost yours? Then you’re in luck. In this article, you’ll learn science-based tricks to boost your self-motivation.So what is self-motivation anyway? Self-motivation is the


6 Ways to Develop Self-Discipline

Learn more about how to develop this skill and how to use it to achieve your goals. Self-discipline keeps you from eating too many chips when you’re on a diet and it keeps you from buying things you don’t need. Self-discipline is broadly defined as conscious control that is oriented towards successful outcomes by overcoming obstacles or impediments


6 Tips for Stopping Self-Sabotage

Find out how you can recognize self-sabotaging behaviors and stop them. We’ve all been there: buying a gym membership with the goal of exercising more often and then never using it or planning to start an assignment early but then postponing it until the very last minute. You might even ask yourself why you keep doing this. If